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Marketing With Google Local Maps

Yesterday, on ‘s , Mike Pegg, who runs the blog that tracks Google Maps "mashups," .

"Mashups" are value-added Google maps that are overlaid with useful–nor not–information. An example cited in the piece was the , displaying breweries and brewpubs accross the US on a Google map.

While the location of breweries and brewpubs may be useful only if you’re a beer afficionado, there are some obvious practical applications Google maps mashups can have from a marketing persepective.

One that I find particuarly useful is . You can see from the map that most of the hotspots are provided by coffee shops. So, if I need some quick wireless access, as I often do, am I going to and , or do I go to my local and get access for free? That no-brainer drives my business to Dunn Bros.

You can see then, that the ease and usefulness of Google maps can provide businesses with numerous stores not only a useful tool for your web site visitors, but a great local marketing vehicle.

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