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News Buzz Tracking

I found through , God bless him.

extracts "" from news stories appearing in and displays them in real time in a "tag cloud" so that users can see at a glance what are the most cited topics in the news.

For the unintiated, tags are simply keywords that are applied to something. On the Internet, they’ve been implemented as a way for users to supply their own metadata to online resources. Yahoo! is ; bloggers provide tags on their own blogs which ; social bookmarking services such as and allow users to organize their bookmarks using tags; and .

Newzingo is doing basically the same thing, except its source of "tags" is from Google News and not individuals.  Regardless of the technology under the hood, Newzingo is a fascinating glimpse into what journalists world-wide are covering.

Be sure to check out Newzingo’s sister site, , which–you got it–does the same thing for tech stories and, my favorite, , which tracks propular search items using and .

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