Valentine’s Day Sales

Constant Contact’s survey of business owners, "," shows that most respondents feeling rosy about the Valentine’s Day sales season:  55%  expected strong sales  leading up to February 14th, while 71% were expecting healthy online sales. Fifty-one percent said that Valentine’s Day was an important holiday for their business.

Seventy percent planned on promoting Valentine’s Day offers through the following methods:

  1. , 76%
  2. Online marketing, 49%
  3. Direct mail, 25%
  4. Flyers, 25%
  5. (TV/Radio/Newspaper), 16%

Thirty-two percent of small business owners expected customers to spend less than $25 on Valentine’s Day gifts; 35% expected them to spend between $25 and $50; 14% expected customers to spend between $50 and $75; 9% expected them to spend between $75 and $100; and 10% expected customers to spend more than $100.

Small business owners believed that flowers would be by far the most popular gift bought by their customers:

  1. Flowers, 59%
  2. Jewelry, 21%
  3. Chocolates, 16%
  4. Clothing, 4%

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