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Google’s Matt Cutts Offers SEM Insight

I Just finished reading by ‘s  with ‘s  , the company’s  liaison to the  search engine marketing industry.

is a summary of the interview, highlighting some of the key points Cutts makes, not the least of which is "Just make a great site, with great content and a normal reason why people would
want to link to you and visit your site. A compelling reason why people would
want to link to your site."

It’s a point I’ve been making for some time with clients and potential clients and find myself making more and more as bloggers become a larger part of the Internet marketing equation. If you want to take advantage of the primary channels through which consumers find products and services, your ability to create compelling content will be ever more crucial in determining your sucess or failure.

The article is worth a read and it is accompanied by the entire interview in MP3 format split into and .

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