Apple’s Safari Web Browser For Windows

When I read yesterday that had released a Windows version of their Safari browser, I rolled my eyes. The last thing I need to worry about his how clients’ web sites display in a browser that uses a fundamentally than the two dominant browsers, and .

I’ve worked on projects that required a "Safari compatible" web site and I gotta tell you, it’s no fun at all. Since the browser displays web sites often radically differently than Internet Explorer and Firefox, you end up spending a massive amount of time testing and refining the code to display properly in all browsers. It is just a phenomenal amount of work for such a tiny audience.

So I downloaded Safari and tried it out and so far so good but I’ve only used it on a few sites. Despite what Steve Jobs says, it just ain’t all that fast. It hasn’t crashed on me yet but .

Safari will ; if that device takes off, then, Safari testing may become routine for anyone doing mobile web marketing.


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