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Twin Cities Meals On Wheels Google MyMaps Mashup

Molly Kennedy of the has created a wonderful . She used Google’s new feature.

We helped them out , but Molly did all the hard work of creating the map and drawing the service boundaries. The map is an excellent, real-world, practical example of a maps mashup.

Google really needs to improve the ability to unearth quality citizen generated content like these maps, though. If you , you’ll get a list of locations, but the only way you’ll find this specific map is if you scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on .

A few improvements:

  1. The link should be called "See user-created maps", not content.
  2. For any search that has user-created maps associated with the keywords of the search, perhaps the link should appear at the top of the list of locations, next to "Modify search."
  3. Include a link to any user-generated map that is associated with an "official" location, within that location’s listing; perhaps next to or within the "more info >>" link.
Twin Cities Meals On Wheels Google Maps Search Screenshot

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