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Social Bookmark Marketing Presentation

I am a addict. I save tons of things to my account and republish that content using their wonderful RSS feeds. It’s just insanely useful. But as much as I love, there are a few things I’d change:

  • In the Links For You section, why can’t I accept all the tags from the person who sent me the link with just one click?
  • Why can’t I archive an entire page like you can with ?
  • Why can’t I use a minus sign when creating a tag search so that I can exclude links with a specific tag? e.g., so I can get everything tagged with "football" and "news" but not "soccer".

Aside from those admittedly minor complaints, I heart I’ve for quite some time now, so I know the ins and outs. I have, therefore, a pretty good idea of how to use in particular and social bookmarking in general as a marketing tool, as well. (And, no, I’m not talking about spam. I’m never talking about spam because spamming doesn’t work.)

This is a presentation on social bookmark marketing I recently put together for a seminar on the topic:

You might also be interested in my post on for a breakdown of the demographics of the users of various social bookmarking services.

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David Erickson is principal of e-Strategy Media, a digital marketing consultancy based in Minnesota. David has extensive experience in digital marketing and is often used as an expert source by media and asked to speak on the topic before organizations and to sit on panel discussions.

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