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Found It! The Ultimate Email Marketing Tool

Last April I wrote a post expressing my frustrations with . None included all the features I wanted in one perfect service. Specifically, no service had a workable RSS-to-Email-Newsletter function that would allow me to set and forget my blog post email updates.

Well, , I think I found my solution in , which has that specific function. AWeber promises that you can schedule your RSS-fed emails daily, weekly, or monthly and that you can have full control over the design and content.


The only feature missing from AWeber appears to be an email survey function. But as it’s competitively priced and has everything else, I’ll take it.

I haven’t used it yet but I’ll give you more details once I test it out.

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About David Erickson

David Erickson is principal of e-Strategy Media, a digital marketing consultancy based in Minnesota. David has extensive experience in digital marketing and is often used as an expert source by media and asked to speak on the topic before organizations and to sit on panel discussions.

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  1. Rebekah Donaldson on May 12, 2009 at 12:54 09 pm CDT

    We just did the same sort of shopping around with about a dozen platforms and it’s wonderful to hear I’m not alone re the frustrations.

    Please write more about your search for a platform (criteria, pros and cons…) and how AWeber has worked out so far?

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