Barack Obama Leads In Minnesota Search Traffic

data, Barack Obama leads his Republican opponent John McCain in the volume of search queries by Minnesotans by a large margin.

Long considered a blue state, it’s probably not surprising that there would be more interest from Minnesotans in the Democratic candidate compared to the Republican candidate. The following chart compares Minnesota-based searches for (blue) versus searches (red) during the past 90 days. The large Obama spike occured on the day he gave his victory speech in Saint Paul:

Minnesota Search Volume - Obama vs. McCain - 08/07/08

Minnesota has been touted as a potential toss-up state beginning with at least the last election cycle.  With all the talk of Governor Tim Pawlenty as a potential McCain running mate and what with the GOP convention being held in Saint Paul, there’s been a lot of talk that we could be in play this time.

If search traffic is any indication, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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