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Millennials’ Online Behavior

Unless noted otherwise, these statistics are from the Pew Internet & American Life Project report [PPT] Teens and the Internet January 9, 2009.

  • 53% of connected families go online together for shared experiences – Pew Internet & American Life Project, Networked Families, October 19, 2008
  • Lower income youth download more study guides – G. Knell National Literacy Summit, 2007
  • Low income youth are more apt to visit conversational sites to express opinions – G. Knell National Literacy Summit, 2007
  • 93% of teens use the internet
  • 87% of teens use email
  • 60% of teens have a desktop/laptop computer
  • 97% of teens play video or computer games
  • 75% of teens have a cell phone
  • 90% of online teens use their browsers for cloud computing activities
  • 68% of online teens use instant messaging
  • 20% of teens have their own PDAs or Blackberries
  • 30% of online teens keep blogs and regularly post
  • 54% read blogs
  • 35% of online teens find out about new songs by free downloads
  • 33% of online teens swap files on peer-to-peer networks
  • 40%-50% of teens have DVRs in house
  • 55% of online teens use Wikipedia
  • 74% of teens have an MP3 player
  • 70% of online teens use social network sites
  • 40%-50% of online teens tag content
  • 60%-70% of teens have digital cameras
  • 50%- 60% of online teens post photos online
  • 25% of online teens have downloaded podcasts
  • 40% of teens have video cameras
  • 25% have uploaded videos
  • 75% view videos on video-sharing sites
  • Close to three-quarters of online teens have created content for the Internet
  • 39% of online teens have shared their own creations online
  • 37% of online teens have rated a person, product, or service online
  • 26% of online teens report keeping their own personal Web site
  • 25% of online teens have created or worked on Web sites or blogs for others, including those for groups or school assignments
  • 20% of online teens say they remix content they find online into their own artistic creations

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