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Fortune 100 CEOs Are Bravely Leading Their Companies Into The Past

‘s about Best Buy’s new social media savvy CEO Brian Dunn, points out just what an anomaly Dunn is, based on .

In the last section of his article, Haugen warns that “By avoiding them, these leaders could be putting their own image and their company’s image at risk.”

I’d say there’s much more at risk than a CEO’s or a company’s image; their very future could be at risk.

The future of work will be heavily dependent upon the social Web and .

Disdain for the social Web at the uppermost levels of corporate America is unfortunately all too common but the fact that the rest of the world are using these tools in their everyday lives means they will affect both the marketplace and the workplace, whether the CEOs like it or not.

A refusal to at least try to understand the changing environment by corporate leaders can only create a competitive blind spot that will only hurt those organizations that decide to bury their heads in the sand.

The following presentation illustrates the aforementioned report. From the report’s author:

We researched the Fortune 100 CEOs in the US to see how many were using social media services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Wikipedia. The results are shocking – not one CEO has a blog and only 13 have LinkedIn profiles. We found the top CEOs to be disconnected from the rest of the world. If they want to connect with their target audience and raise their company’s visibility, they need to change how they interact online

Found from .

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