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The One Big Thing: Google Chrome OS

It’d be nice if Google would take a month off and let someone else be the subject of The One Big Thing, but it ain’t gonna start this week.

The One Big Thing you need to know this week is that Google is aiming straight at the heart of Microsoft that they plan to develop their own, open source, operating system ostensibly to be run on netbooks, called Google Chrome OS.

While that it is in Google’s best interest to create an OS for advertising, as more people work on the Web, Google claims a higher purpose: Getting the operating system out of the way, so people can just work.

If they can create an OS that starts in two seconds or less–the way your TV does–and just works so you don’t have to worry about viruses, updating software, etc., then all the more power to them. That is exactly where computing needs to go; it needs to become invisible.

Google Chrome OS is supposed to do for us. .

This is a nice summary of Google Chrome OS:

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