Live Lifestreaming

This was inevitable. First we had lifestreaming with the introduction of the status update concept and it now becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday life with Facebook and Twitter. The next lifestreaming activity will be real-time point of view video streaming.

GoPro is targeting its line of wearable HD video cameras at extreme sports athletes who are fond of recording their experiences. If I could wear one of these things playing football without it getting in the way of my game, I would in a second. But these extreme sports athletes are the leading edge.

What you’ll see is the technology getting smaller and lighter and the bandwidth increasing to the point that you can have an HD camera built into your glasses or your chest pocket that streams live high-quality video of your life, 24/7. Found at YouTube from GoProCamera.

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  1. Jason Caluori on December 4, 2010 at 8:59 00 am CDT

    That was a sweet video. It feels like you’re there.