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What Is Mobile?



69% of retail executives see mobile commerce as a top focus this year.

That compares to the 28% who said the same thing last year.

Mobile commerce sales more than doubled in the Q4 2010.

THOUGHT: We need to more sharply define mobile. Are we talking about mobile phones? Tablets?  Internet connected vehicles? All of the above? Does a purchase in your living room in front of your TV from your iPad count as mobile commerce?

The context is important.

I vote for a new eCommerce category for people who buy on a mobile device from the comfort of their living room. Call it Couch Commerce.

I could be wrong, but I just don’t see people taking an iPad to the grocery store with them. We need to start thinking about how people use the screens in their life (TV, computer, tablet, mobile) and how they are used as single purpose devices, in conjunction, how they complement one another, or don’t.


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