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Content Marketing Challenges


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73.6% of US marketers find creating original content challenging.

73% think finding the time to do so is challenging.

43% are having a hard time finding quality content to curate.

39.2% are having a hard time allocating the staff to do so.

THOUGHT: It comes as little surprise that content marketing does not necessarily come easily. As the stats above illustrate, people are finding it hard to both create original content and to find the time to do so. Good content, after all, is hard to create and because of that, takes some time to do so.

Welcome to the new realities of world of marketing. In addition to media relations, public relations pros must now understand how to create compelling media. In addition to understanding audiences, direct marketers must know what kind of content is most compelling to them, through which venues, on what devices.

In addition to PR savvy, you need an understanding of psychology and sociology. In addition to superb writing skills, you need a keen eye for design. In addition to an understanding of the elements of a story, you need to know how to tell that story in video.

On top of that, you need to understand how content is found, used, shared, and discussed online.

Good luck.

MINNESOTA MONDAY: Minneapolis was recently rated the ninth vainest city in the US. Woot!

Thank you for seventy degree weather.


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