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Mobile Shopping Conversations

Mobile Shopping Conversations

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Nearly 25% of shopping conversations are posted online from consumers within the store.

THOUGHT: Consumers are doing everything from simply checking in on Foursquare to asking their networks for advice about the products they’re about to buy to giving shouts out of love for their favorite restaurants or complaining bitterly about the poor service during happy hour.

Consumers are taking photos and videos and sharing them on Flickr and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter. They are scanning products. They are telling their online networks if they’re enjoying themselves…or not.


As the tools for sharing become easier to use and the quality of their recorded experiences increases, companies will need to think anew the customer experience to take into account the interplay between real-life and instant communication.

Is the lighting in your establishment sufficient to do justice through the lens of a camera phone? Do you monitor online chatter to identify disappointed customers immediately after they’ve expressed that disappointment? Do you have procedures in place to deal with that public relations problem?

These are a few simple questions companies will need to grapple with as this behavior becomes widespread.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Frigidaire’s vision of the kitchen of tomorrow, crica 1950.

Thank you for World Wide Webbed coffee mugs.


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