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Content Is King…For Marketing

Content Is King

Content Is King



23% of all social media messages contain links to content.

47% of industry-specific (auto, tech, finance, and entertainment) social messages do.

42% of all Twitter posts contain content-sharing links.

73% of Twitter posts related to a specific industry do.

41% of all blog posts contain content-sharing links.

64% of industry-specific blog posts do.

12% of all Facebook posts contain content content-sharing links.

22% of industry-specific Facebook posts do.

60% of all content-sharing messages specifically mention a brand or product name.

66% of consumers prefer email as their primary content-sharing tool.

And 28% prefer social media.

Only 4% prefer instant messaging.

THOUGHT: There’s a reason the phrase “Content Is King” becomes a catch-phrase every five or so years: It’s always been true.

While we latch on to the latest shiny technological innovation and explore its wonders (first email, then the World Wide Web, search engines, blogs, social media, and now location-based services, QR codes and augmented reality), we can lose sight of the fact that these technologies are only wonderful because of the content we get through them.

Communications professionals today must be masters of many domains: 1) We must understand how the latest communications technologies work, 2) we must understand how people use those technologies, 3) we must know how to create compelling content for specific audiences, and 4) we must know how, when, where, and in what form to deliver it to those specific audiences.

You don’t have to take my word for it. If Facebook didn’t know these points to be true, they wouldn’t be focusing on their own media sharing strategy.


MINNESOTA MONDAY: Minnesota Start-Up SwapBeats Helps Make Music On The Web.


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