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Higher Education & Social Media Use In The Classroom

Higher Education & Social Media

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Pearson Learning Solutions

91% of college faculty engage in social media as part of work.

80% use social media for some aspect of a course they are teaching.

Nearly two-thirds use social media within their class session.

42% assign students social media content as part of a course assignment.

College faculty consider online video by far the most valuable type of social content.

THOUGHT: It seems to me there’s a huge opening for those who need to reach either or both college faculty or students by creating content that can be used in the classroom as supplemental educational material.

The keys to making such a strategy work will be 1) being imaginative enough to match your content with supplemental content needed in the classroom, 2) creating content that meets rigorous academic standards, 3) avoiding any whiff of salesmanship, and 4) getting the content “discovered” through search and social channels.

OFFICE PRANK: Yeah, But It Was Really, REALLY Funny!


Thank you for animation. One of the coolest forms of art ever created.

BONUS: Found at Slideshare from PearsonLearningSolutions.

Krista Jackman, a professor at the University of New Hampshire, talks about how she uses Twitter in the classroom. Found at YouTube from crazy4skiing3.


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