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5 Minnesota QR Code Examples

by on June 8, 2011

Today, Tunheim, my employer, is launching our new brand and along with it, what we’re calling Live Business Cards. As you can see below, on the back of our business cards we’ve incorporated a QR code that will take you to fresh content from Team Tunheim.

This will extend the life and usefulness of a traditional communications tool and incorporate online content with offline interactions.

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David Erickson's QR Code Business Card

QR Codes For Business Cards

Geek that I am, I felt compelled to do an unboxing of our spanking new technology. You can also watch my Business Card Unboxing at to see a demonstration of how the QR code works.

Here are some other examples of the use of QR codes:

QR Codes For Real Estate

On my way to a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association event last month I came across this QR code affixed to the front of the Calhoun Beach Apartments. The code takes you to the website for the management company that owns the apartments. It would’ve been nice if the code took you to property-specific details such as photos and video of the interior, apartment specifications and rent, as well as the contact details.

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QR Codes For Real Estate

QR Codes For Health Care

I found this QR code for Medica on a sidewalk at a light rail station in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. While such placement will certainly grab people’s attention, I’d imagine it would be next to impossible to scan when most people would be seeing it…on their morning and evening commutes.

I had a hard time scanning it with relatively few people out and about and even then, I never got the damn thing to work.

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QR Codes For Health Care

Found QR Code For Health Care from eStrategy.

QR Codes For Restaurants

Mobile marketing maven and friend Lisa Foote of MixMobi put together this QR Code campaign for Minneapolis restaurant Chino Latino, featuring the following billboard QR code. The content to which the code leads was updated frequently to keep customers returning.

qrcode1 5 Minnesota QR Code Examples

Photo Courtesy PRassion blog

QR Codes For Alumni Relations

This is a clever way the Girl Scouts of the Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys (a client of Tunheim) are using QR codes: They’ve placed a QR code on the back of these trading cards that are given out by Girl Scouts to anyone who says they used to be one, in order to re-connect with alumni. The code takes you to a form to be added to the Girl Scouts’ email list. WATCH How The Girl Scouts of Minnesota Use QR Codes.

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QR Codes For Alumni Relations

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Derek Anderson
Derek Anderson

Please tell me you have ROI numbers on that Chino Latino execution. Would be very interesting to see what the spend per convert was.

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