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Personalization - Recommendations

Personalization - Recommendations



34% of US marketers considered personalized campaigns to be highly effective and measurable.

Another 14% report a better response rate than mass campaigns.

THOUGHT: In the late nineties, personalization meant getting people to register for your website and then displaying their name when those people visited your website or inserting your first name within the salutation at the beginning of a mass email.

Today, personalization means relevance.

Deliver the most relevant information to an individual based on what you know about them. You need to employ datamining and database marketing practices in order to do personalization effectively.

The best illustration I’ve yet to read of how this is done is the book Applebee’s America by Ron Fournier, Douglas B. Sosnik and Matthew J. Dowd.

You ought to read it.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Wanna see one of the cheesiest examples of a corporate motivational video I’ve ever had the amused pleasure of watching? You could do worse than Apple’s 80s classic, We Are Apple (Leading The Way)!


Thank you frank exchanges of views. It’s one of my favorite phrases.


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