Facebook Calling

Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling


Skype Numerology

There are 124 million Skype account holders worldwide.

8.1 million of them are paying customers.

Facebook has 750 million users worldwide.

THOUGHT: In an age of ubiquitous mobile phone use, Internet telephony has not exactly taken off as one might have imagined.

That makes this afternoon’s announcement by Facebook that they will integrate Skype-powered video calls within the social network a mighty big deal for Skype.

Will it be enough to push video chat into a mainstream commonplace communications medium? 

We’ll see.

I think the biggest obstacle may well be vanity. People don’t want to participate in video chats when they’re having a bad hair day. 

Nevertheless, this does take Facebook one step closer to becoming your one indefensible tool: Your address book.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Facebook Announcement and Facebook News are the top two searches at Google today, respectively. [CHART.] 


Thank you for William Faulkner.



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  1. Jerry Katz on July 12, 2011 at 12:40 00 pm CDT

    I love skype I find it very useful for my business. I don’t know if video calls would do well with Facebook.