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Happy Hops Fourth Of July

A photograph of a glass of Surly Furious beer at Stub & Herbs.

Glass of Surly Furious beer at Stub & Herbs photo courtesy David Erickson

4TH OF JULY Infographic

Independence Day is the top holiday for beer sales.

Followed by Labor Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, respectively.

There will be 68.3 million cases of beer sold on July 4th.

For which Americans will spend $341 million.

THOUGHT: That’s a lot of beer, which is a product of which I’m might fond.

I even consider myself a bit of a beer snob, in as much as I like good beer and cannot tolerate the mass produced crap that passes for beer in some quarters.

It gives me a headache and it doesn’t taste very good.

My favorite beers? I’m glad you asked! The top of my list are two hometown brews (I gotta represent): 1) Surly Furious and Summit Pale Ale.

After that, I love me some Hop Henge from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon (which locals can get at the Muddy Pig in Saint Paul) and then Flying Dog from Maryland by way of Colorado.

In 2008, I used Flying Dog as a case study in how to create a consistent online voice.

QUOTE: “Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy.” –Benjamin Franklin


BONUS: WATCH Independence Day Search Engine Behavior screencast at


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Happy Fourth of July!


Thank you for the United States of America, of course!



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