The Online Shopping Preference

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The Online Shopping Preference



73% prefer online shopping because it saves time.

67% like it because there’s more variety.

59% prefer it because it is easy to compare prices.

58% like the absence of crowds.

40% prefer because there’s no cost for gas.

THOUGHT: The top reasons for preferring online shopping to in-store shopping are due to either the experience or the cost.

I’d love to see how these numbers break down according to gender. My guess is that guys would be more likely to prefer online shopping for convenience sake; that it saves them time and they can avoid the annoyance of crowds.

Anecdotally, the one thing I’ve heard consistently from the women I talk to is they want to handle the merchandise before they buy it.

That, obviously, is an experience you cannot get from shopping online.

Yet. That is, until tactile technology comes of age.

Here’s the thing: If you’ve got an offline presence and find battling online competition, focus on proximity, on those customers who are closest to you; focus on the in-store experience, how enjoyable or how much of a hassle is it?; focus on those things you have that can’t be got online.


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