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Photo of an ape from the movie Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes



Google searches for blockbuster films rose 28% this summer from last.
That contributed to about a 3% uptick in attendance.
Searches Summer 2011’s top blockbusters rose 28% at premiere.
And 12% for the four weeks pre- and post-launch.

THOUGHT: Pay attention to Hollywood because it drives search and it doesn’t just drive search specifically for movie titles, it drives other related searches.

If you have content directly related to a movie, an article about an actor or actress who is starring in an upcoming movie, then you should look to optimize that content to take advantage of the surge in search traffic for that artist’s name.

More importantly, though, upcoming releases also drive search traffic for topics that are related to a movie, as this graph comparing search volume for Rise of the Planet of the Apes to search traffic for Apes demonstrates.

Start following your favorite movie blog (I recommend Daily Numbers subscriber Barret Goetz‘s The Movie Mash) so you know about upcoming titles, and get to work mining your content for optimization opportunities.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: New York promo film, 1962.


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