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39% of B2B marketing professionals worldwide consider blog posts the most valuable content type for supporting their marketing objectives.
37% of B2C marketing professionals feel the same way.

THOUGHT: Blog posts were the leading content type for both groups, followed by webinars and virtual events.

I guess I find it fairly surprising that blog content is rated so highly, not because I don’t think it’s effective but because I didn’t think it was perceived to be as valuable as it is.

Here’s the thing with blogs: They force you to understand content.

I’ve seen companies start a blog with the idea that, well, we’ll post our press releases and company news and then quickly discover that no one cares. At that point they either abandon the blog, believing it to be ineffective or they ask questions, dig deeper, and try and discover why it is not working and what makes other blogs successful.

Those who stick with it, gain immeasurably through an understanding of content marketing, what types of content appeal to their customers, how content works with search in attracting new customers, how to build and maintain an audience, and how content can be the first step in building relationships that can convert into media coverage, new employees, new partnerships, new clients and new sales.


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