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18% of online American adults post links to videos, articles and websites.
45% comment on others’ posts.

THOUGHT: Are you encouraging people to interact with your content? Are you even paying attention to who is?

Given the importance of social signals–likes, comments, shared links, retweets, etc.–in spreading content to individual networks and for search visibility, you should be paying close attention to who is interacting with your content.

Study them, encourage them, build relationships with them, measure them and the content they like and give them more of it.

That can sound overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Facebook’s new analytics for their fan pages give you the tools to discover what content is most appealing on your page.

Google Analytics will help you measure the traffic that comes to your site from social channels through their Advanced Segments feature and with a little configuration and tweaking, you can even track which social channels are converting best.

MINNESOTA MONDAY: CDs ain’t dead, says Target’s VP of Entertainment.

Thank you for microwave ovens.


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