Citizens United Constitutional Amendment Online Ad Campaign

Al Franken Citizens United Facebook AdvertisementUS Democratic Senators Al Franken and Sherrod Brown are sponsoring a petition to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

The effort is being promoted with an online advertising campaign.

I cannot tell who is funding the ad campaign but the two ads I found both pointed to an online petition form at Sherrod Brown’s website.

I first noticed the campaign on Facebook with the ad displayed to your right featuring Minnesota Senator Al Franken, which, since I am a Minnesotan, I suspect was targeted at people who Liked the Senator’s Facebook page.

The Facebook ad points to this page on Senator Sherrod Brown’s website:

Al Franken - Sherrod Brown Citizens United Petition Screenshot

The confirmation page lets signees share the petition on Facebook and Twitter and also serves as a fundraising vehicle:

Screenshot - Al Franken - Sherrod Brown Citizens United Petition Confirmation Page


The online campaign also includes Google AdWords, which can be seen in this Google search for “Citizens United Constitutional Amendment.” There do not appear to be any search ads running at Bing or Yahoo.

Citizens United Constitutional Amendment - Google AdWords SERPS

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