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Vikings PR Blunder, Minneapolis Police Body Cameras & GoPro For Pets

Vikings PR Blunder, Minneapolis Police Body Cameras & GoPro For Pets

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 64 BL and David discuss the Minnesota Vikings public relations disaster in the wake of their mishandling of the Adrian Peterson indictment; the adoption of body cameras by the Minneapolis Police Department, and the uses of GoPro for people and pets. NOTE: YouTube stopped recording this episode after 18 minutes, so we apologize for the … [Read more...]

YouTube Videos & Google+ Integration

YouTube Videos & Google+ Integration

I noticed the Google+ integration YouTube has been testing out on the Kony 2012 video I watched last night. Notice in the bottom right hand corner, just below the view stats, it shows that a few people have shared the video through Google+. The second screenshot shows that YouTube has added Google+ as a share option along with Facebook and Twitter. YouTube Social Sharing … [Read more...]

How To Create & Market An Infographic

WHO SHOULD CREATE INFOGRAPHICS? Anyone can create an infographic. If you create interesting sets of data, think about presenting them in an infographic. Many people present a collection of facts they’ve collected on a given topic in an infographic. WHAT IS AN INFOGRAPHIC? An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge presented in a compelling … [Read more...]

Google+ Your World

GOOGLE+ PASSES 62M USERS Marketing Land LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] Google+ hit 62 million users at the end of December. The social network is estimated to reach 400 million users by the end of this year. THOUGHT: These numbers are complied by Paul Allen, the founder of, who has anointed himself Google+’s unofficial statistician, since … [Read more...]

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Search Demographics

REPUBLICAN 2012 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SEARCH VOLUME     Google LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] 34.9% of the monthly searches for Republican presidential candidates were for Ron Paul. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann had the next largest slices of the search pie with 19.1% each. Mitt Romney follows with 10.5%. Newt Gingrich got 7% of the searches. And … [Read more...]

Online Media Relations

81% OF REPORTERS USE CORPORATE WEBSITES Arketi Group LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] 81% of business journalists turn to corporate websites and webinars when looking for story ideas, breaking news, or seeking a corporate spokesperson. 98% look for contact information. 94% look for the search box. 87% look for text documents. 84% look for PDFs. 79% … [Read more...]