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Vikings PR Blunder, Minneapolis Police Body Cameras & GoPro For Pets

Vikings PR Blunder, Minneapolis Police Body Cameras & GoPro For Pets

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 64 BL and David discuss the Minnesota Vikings public relations disaster in the wake of their mishandling of the Adrian Peterson indictment; the adoption of body cameras by the Minneapolis Police Department, and the uses of GoPro for people and pets. NOTE: YouTube stopped recording this episode after 18 minutes, so we apologize for the … [Read more...]

YouTube Videos & Google+ Integration

YouTube Videos & Google+ Integration

I noticed the Google+ integration YouTube has been testing out on the Kony 2012 video I watched last night. Notice in the bottom right hand corner, just below the view stats, it shows that a few people have shared the video through Google+. The second screenshot shows that YouTube has added Google+ as a share option along with Facebook and Twitter. YouTube Social Sharing … [Read more...]

How To Create & Market An Infographic

Infographics Infographic

WHO SHOULD CREATE INFOGRAPHICS? Anyone can create an infographic. If you create interesting sets of data, think about presenting them in an infographic. Many people present a collection of facts they’ve collected on a given topic in an infographic. WHAT IS AN INFOGRAPHIC? An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge presented in a compelling … [Read more...]

Google+ Your World

GOOGLE+ PASSES 62M USERS Marketing Land LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] Google+ hit 62 million users at the end of December. The social network is estimated to reach 400 million users by the end of this year. THOUGHT: These numbers are complied by Paul Allen, the founder of, who has anointed himself Google+’s unofficial statistician, since … [Read more...]

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Search Demographics

REPUBLICAN 2012 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SEARCH VOLUME     Google LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] 34.9% of the monthly searches for Republican presidential candidates were for Ron Paul. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann had the next largest slices of the search pie with 19.1% each. Mitt Romney follows with 10.5%. Newt Gingrich got 7% of the searches. And … [Read more...]

Online Media Relations

81% OF REPORTERS USE CORPORATE WEBSITES Arketi Group LISTEN To The Daily Numbers podcast [MP3] 81% of business journalists turn to corporate websites and webinars when looking for story ideas, breaking news, or seeking a corporate spokesperson. 98% look for contact information. 94% look for the search box. 87% look for text documents. 84% look for PDFs. 79% … [Read more...]