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A Pulverized Android G1 Google Smart Phone

This is a sad, sad story. Natalie Wires, my colleague at Tunheim Partners, had her Android G1 Google smart phone demolished on Tuesday. She set it on top of her car, forgot about it, drove off, and it fell onto the street. When she went back to look for it, she was stopped at a…

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TweetDeck Upgrade Video Demo

This is a video demonstration from TechCrunch by the founder of TweetDeck, Iain Dodsworth. The two newest features are unlimited multiple accounts, unlimited columns for groups and searches, and cloud synchronization so you can share your data on any computer…and, as of today, they’re released a new iPhone app.

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HTC Touch Pro2 Walkthrough

A review of the HTC Touch Pro2 from PocketNowVideo. HTC made the hardware for Google’s G1 while the software for this phone is Windows Mobile. This is a serious business phone.

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