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Online Video Usage

The growing popularity of online video has been pretty obvious to me for a while, but now we have . That fact alone–that they felt compelled to offer an online video measuring service–should speak volumes.

But they offer the statistics and demographics of online video use, as well:

  • The number of people who watch video online grew 18% between October 2005 and March 2006.
  • In March, Americans streamed video 3.7 billion times.
  • On average, they watched 100 minutes of video each month; that compares with 85 minutes in October.
  • Men accounted for 52% of those streams and women 48%.
  • Men averaged  two hours of video viewing a month while women averaged an hour and twenty mintues.
  • Men between 18 and 24 years of age were the most voracious video viewers, averaging 140 minutes of online video viewing.
  • 16% of video consumption occurs during prime time and 22% occurs on the weekend.
  • 42% watch video from an entertainment site and about 33% watch it from a portal.
  • People spend about an hour a month watching video at work.

“Video consumption on the Web is rapidly approaching the tipping point for
advertisers,” said Peter Daboll, president
and CEO of comScore Media Metrix. “With two-thirds of consumers
accessing the Internet from home using a broadband connection, and publishers
continuing to innovate by using the latest technologies to deliver content in a
way that engages users, video consumption is poised to become a standard part of
the online experience for a majority of consumers. Advertisers will
increasingly seek opportunities to reach broad and frequently elusive markets,
and do so with a level of engagement and richness that has not previously been
available online.”

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