Thanksgiving Day Searches

Photo: Thanksgiving Day Turkey

People perform Thanksgiving-related searches near that holiday, so we see predictable spikes in query volume for such searches.

Thanks to the magic of Google Trends, this is the search volume for the top Thanksgiving-related searches since 2004 (click on the graphic to get a larger size):

Thanksgiving Searches - All Years - Google Trends - 11/22/07

This is how the search volume grew for those same search terms within the past 30 days:

2007 Thanksgiving Searches - Last 30 Days - Google Trends - 11/22/07

And this screenshot shows the 100 most popular search terms today:

2007 Thanksgiving Searches On 11/22/07

As you can see, there are a wide-variety of Thanksgiving-related keyword searches brands and companies can prepare content to attract that interest and expressed demand.

The rough categories of the top Thanksgiving-related searches can be broken down into three buckets:

  • Food preparation (vast majority of top searches, unsurprisingly)
  • Retail
  • Entertainment