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Hulu Does Online Video Right

It is with relief, gentle reader, that I report to you that some mainstream media companies have figured out that sharing your content online benefits online fans and media companies alike.

As you faithful readers know, my biggest aggravation is when media companies refuse to allow their content to be shared. from more than 50 media companies for free and they are allowing it to be embedded.

They’ve done it right. So, happily, this time I get to appauld rather than complain. The selection of TV shows and movies is not bad but you’d think there would be a lot more to choose from fifty contributors. The quality is superb and definitely check out the HD gallery (it is stunning how crystal clear the high-def video looks and plays).

This is a segment from C|Net TV’s show, featuring a review of Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta (which, by the way, inexplicably does not work on Windows Mobile PC [David said, bitterly]):

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