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The Move To WordPress

I have decided to move this blog from TypePad to WordPress.

TypePad is a fine service and perfectly suitable for beginning and intermediate bloggers but I need more flexibility and marketing muscle than it can currently offer, so I’ve decided to use WordPress.

In order to get the most out of WordPress, I will host it myself.

The primary reasons for the move are

  • Since WordPress is open source, I can customize my blog to my heart’s content
  • Since WordPress is open source, its features and functionality continue to grow as more and more developers contribute their own plugins
  • WordPress (through contributed plugins) offers the most control over my blog with regard to search engine optimization techniques
  • There are more design options through contributed themes
  • WordPress is free

Speaking of themes, I’m currently looking for a cool new theme for this blog that is fairly unique, customizable, yet not custom designed. My price range is zero to $100. If you know of any that you think would work for me, please post them in the comments.

Finally, please bear with me as I make this transition. In exchange for your patience, I’ll post some of the issues I run into along the way in case you’re considering making the same switch.

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About David Erickson

David Erickson is principal of e-Strategy Media, a digital marketing consultancy based in Minnesota. David has extensive experience in digital marketing and is often used as an expert source by media and asked to speak on the topic before organizations and to sit on panel discussions.

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