Google recently optimized their own account profile pages by offering users the ability to change their profile URL from the default series of numbers to the account-holder’s username:

Google Profile - Profile URL - 04/23/09

Google has also begun indexing these profiles:

Google Profile - Display Name In Search - 04/23/09

The change is significant as it is yet another step by Google into the social Web. It is also another useful tool for reputation management efforts. The day I read about the URL feature, I changed my profile to see if it would affect search results.

Sure enough, a couple days later two of my Google profiles appeared at the bottom of the first page of search results for my name:

Google Profile - Profile Results For David Erickson - 04/23/09

The Google profile pages even allow you to verify a domain name to associate with your profile to provide assurance that the profile is legitimate:

Google Profile - Verified Domains - 04/23/09