The One Big Thing: Federal Government Spending Data Mashups

The One Big Thing you need to know this week is that, , federal government agencies and politicians are beginning to mashup spending data to help the public visualize how that money is spent.

Last month that were included in the stimulus bill and how those requirements might lead to open source accountability through federal government data mashups. Looks like that has happened. The following are some examples of Google Maps mashups of federal data:

Treasury Department: TARP Recipients Google Maps Mashup

This mashup was created by the Treasury Department:

This mashup was created by Representative Doris Matsui to show where in her district stimulus money will be spent:

Sacramento, CA-Area Stimulus Spending Google Maps Mashup

This mashup was created by a Republican hill staffer to visualize federal earmarks. This mashup displays the earmarks in the Transportation and Housing Section of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill:

Federal Earmarks Google Maps Mashup

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