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Brilliant Example Of Video Marketing Using YouTube

that Charlotte, North Carolina-based ad agency BooneOakley has turned its Web site into a YouTube channel.

Going directly to their domain,, will take you to the following video:

Okay, so I watch the video and I’m thinking, well, it’s a nice video and all and cleverly done but ultimately do you really gain anything by pointing your domain at a YouTube video?

That, however, was before I realized that they were telling their story through an elaborate series of interlinked YouTube videos. If you hover your mouse over the boxes on the left side of the screen you’ll see that they’re clickable.

I initially thought that these would be links to sections of their Web site, which astounded me because I didn’t think YouTube allowed that. I was right; they don’t. What the links do take you to are other YouTube videos that extend BooneOakley’s story.

Each of those videos are in turn linked to others in a Web site-like navigation structure. On you can take direct action by emailing them using YouTube’s internal email system.

Brilliant. Wish I’d thought of this but I’m definitely going to rip off the idea.

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