What Does Your Twitter Bio Say About You? – Interview Notes

The following was the response I sent to a reporter who asked that question for a story she was working on last June and was published in October:

This is an issue we address quite a bit with clients and for ourselves within our e-Strategy practice.

Before even crafting your bio, you should think about how you want to use Twitter. To give a few examples, we counsel clients on using Twitter as an expert positioning tool, as a media-relations tool, and as a customer service vehicle. Then think about the audience(s) you want to reach through Twitter. Who are they, why would they want to follow you, and what search terms would they use to find you if they didn’t know you?

Your bio, then, should be written with those keywords in mind while also being compelling enough to create an interest in following you.

I use my account as an expert positioning and a media relations tool and as a lead generator: http://twitter.com/derickson My bio, therefore, reads:

Tunheim Internet marketing/strategic communications/PR guy, estrategy & social media fan, political junkie, football & baseball fanatic, blogger.

I’ve included keywords for the audiences I want to attract will likely be using to find someone like me. I also add some personal information to give people a way to relate to me as a person; this also serves to manage expectations so people won’t be surprised and/or annoyed when I tweet about sports.

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  1. Andy Santamaria on November 6, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks for insight. I have an eternal struggle when it comes to writing about myself. It’s so painful and I always feel like it’s changing.

    This is what mine says:

    ” Journalism student. Freelance web strategist. Blog about Twin Cities small businesses. Love learning and Technology.”

    I also tried to encompass a few different topics but I can’t really tell if it’s working!