Amber Carter Interview: Get To Know A Minnesota Blogger

Amber Carter has been blogging at An Amber Colored Life since 2004. She began the blog as a way to stay in touch with friends but the blog has grown since then and ultimately lead to her writing a book, Holiday Chick, which will be released within days. In addition to her blog, Amber can be found @acbruhaha on Twitter.

Amber Carter Interview, Part 1

Amber Carter Interview, Part 2


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  2. […] Indeed! The thing about MNSpeak was that it was a community. It was before the inception of Twitter, and those of us who were a part of it were a part of it every single day, usually all day. The conversations and topics on there were alternately smart, challenging, hilarious, and infuriating. And I met so many people from MNSpeak – the majority of my current internetting friends were once fellow MNSpeakers – and I even got the opportunity to take part in Chasing Windmills via MNSpeak. The people on there can be harsh and I got my knocks a time or two, but that only helped me hone a thicker skin and a quicker mouth, so I’m actually pretty appreciative for it. […]

  3. Content Discovery on April 17, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    […] wonderful An Amber Colored Life blog years ago and have been a fan of her writing ever since. [WATCH my interview with Amber Carter.] She recently finished her first novel, Holiday Chick, which I’m currently reading. Amber […]