Two Big Things: Microsoft Kinect & Google TV

Microsoft introduced Kinect, its motion-sensing Xbox controller, at E3 this week. The system will respond to voice controls and allow gamers to interact with their video games without the need for a controller. Found at YouTube from IGNentertainment.

While Kinect’s influence will be felt most immediately in the video game market, it is a clear continuation of the trend toward more natural interaction with technology and it will set expectations: If I don’t need a controller for my Xbox, why do I a keyboard and mouse for my computer?

Couple this trend toward the elimination of traditional input devices with Google TV. Microsoft’s strategy with Kinect and Xbox Live is to turn their video game console into the central component of your home entertainment system. Google is trying to do the same thing with Google TV by bringing the Internet into your television and making it super simple to use. Found at YouTube from Google.

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