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Tweeting & Checkins Not Mainstream

Social Media Sign At Jersey Mike's

Social Media Sign At Jersey Mike's


  • Only 8% of online adults use Twitter.
  • Twitter users are primarily between the ages of 18 to 29 and are twice as likely to be black or Hispanic and live in a city.
  • Women and college-educated Internet users are also more likely users.
  • 65% of Twitter users check the site for updates at most once or twice a week.
  • Nearly a quarter of all users check several times a day.
  • Just over 10% check the site once daily. – Twitter Demographics from Pew Internet & American Life [TABLE]



  • Only 4% of US online adults have ever used location-based social networks, such as FourSquare and Brightkite, on their mobile phones.
  • And only 1% use them more than once a week.
    • But they are 38% more likely than the average US online adult to say that friends and family ask their opinions before making a purchase decision.
    • And are typically college educated young adult men.
    • And are also far more likely to search for information aboutbusinesses and products, as well as read customer ratings/reviews of products and services. – Demographics/Technographics Of Location-Based Services from Forrester Research [TABLE]

THOUGHT: While Twitter and Foursquare users are a tiny fraction of the population, they are often highly influential among their niche audiences. Engaging them can be a highly efficient tactic to get the ball rolling on a given communications initiative.



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