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AT&T’s Vision Of The Future, Circa 1993

A montage of AT&T ads that came from a 1993 Newsweek CD-ROM, when Newsweek thought that one day, magazines would be sent to you in CD-ROM form, sponsored with ads. Using an iPad to send a fax from the beach, though, is sorta hilarious in a retro kinda way. Found at YouTube from melish99 via URLesque.

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1 Comment

  1. Ron Stauffer, Jr on January 15, 2011 at 12:30 00 am CST

    That’s amazing! They almost everything right!

    The “fax” on the beach is funny, but only because they called it a fax. Emailing PDFs is essentially the same thing. Everything else was right on. The tollboth, online video streaming (Netflix), videoconferencing (GoToMeeting/Skype), tablet computer with touchscreen (iPad), all the way down to the wireless internet on the beach (3G),

    It’s too bad AT&T didn’t actually bring any of these innovations to market, except maybe 3G.

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