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Liking Learns To Walk

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Facebook Like Button



More than 50,000 websites added Facebook’s Like button within the first three weeks of launch last April.

Since launch, 10,000 websites integrate with Facebook every day.

More than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites.

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook.

THOUGHT: One year removed from the unleashing of the Facebook Like button and what do we have?

First of all, we have what amounts to the largest psychographic database on the planet and as a result, an advertising network with an efficiency and effectiveness to rival Google AdWords.

We have a peer-to-peer content discovery engine that has changed consumer behavior to look to their Facebook newsfeed for content of all kinds, from news to entertainment.

We have search results that look more and more familiar as more and more of our personal social networks’ gets folded into our searches.

We have a relevance indicator so powerful that Google had to go create their own like button, with the horribly-named +1 button.

MINNESOTA MONDAY: Star Tribune reports that Best Buy will buy mobile wireless service from startup LightSquared, which aspires to be the first exclusively wholesale wireless network and which would compete with traditional cell providers.

Thank you for really, really dark and rich coffee.


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