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Mmmm Is For Monarchy: Social Media & The Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding & Social Media

Royal Wedding & Social Media



Twitter accounted for 71% of the online buzz about the royal wedding.

Facebook accounted for 17%.

Blogs accounted for 11%.

65% of all social media chatter related to the royal wedding came from the US during the past month.

The United Kingdom was responsible for just 20% of the chatter.

THOUGHT: Americans. For all our Tea Party (the original) this and Don’t Tread On My that, we sure love us some big old dollops of monarchy.

I’m a little surprised that Twitter accounted for such a large share of the venue market place, as it were but I’m not at all surprised at the geographic breakdown. Maybe the geographic breakdown explains Twitter’s dominance.

According to Nielsen, there are 19.7 million American Twitter users, compared to 3.7 million users of the service in the UK.

No one did the obvious and broke the social media chatter down by gender, so let me try and tease some of that out for you. I looked at the demographics of searchers, on the assumption that the demographics of those searching for royal wedding information will roughly match those who are sharing. The following are the unsurprising (just sayin’) the gender breakdowns of search queries:

Royal Wedding: 73% female, 27% male

Prince William: 73% female, 27% male

Kate Middleton: 52% female, 48% male

Thank you for vacations.


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