In 2008, mobile comprised 8% of MLBAM’s traffic.

In 2010, it represented 37%.

In 2010, viewers racked up 9.5 billion minutes of streamed ballgames across all devices.

THOUGHT: The professional sports leagues, Major League Baseball and the National Football League in particular, understand owned media.

The NFL has built the NFL Network into a must-have channel for die-hard football fans like yours truly. While baseball does have it’s own MLB Network, where they’re really innovated and what they’ve really figured out is how to charge for their digital content.


Both leagues have passionate fans but baseball has much more content–162 games a year–which is part of the joy of following your team through the ups and downs of the season. I tried out to follow the Twins this spring training and it worked like a charm. I’ll likely subscribe again next year for the same reason.

Had it been available then, though, I would’ve gladly paid the $25 a month to follow the  Twins when I attended college in Iowa. What Major League Baseball figured out was 1) don’t give it away because you can’t put that genie back in the bottle, and 2) displaced fans will happily pay to follow their team out of market.

Today is the home opener for this year’s soon-to-be World Series champion, The Minnesota Twins: Crowd Erupts As Joe Mauer Knocks In A Run With A Single To Right from David Erickson.

RESULTS: Tunheim’s launch of Punch Pizza new yesterday has already netted nearly 1400 views.

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