Smart Phone User Behavior

Smart Phone Behavior

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39% of smart phone owners use their devices while going to the bathroom.

33% use them while watching TV.

22% use them while reading the newspaper.

70% use their smart phone while in a store.

54% use them to find a retailer.

49% use them to compare prices.

48% use them to get promos or coupons.

44% read reviews and product information.

34% search in-store inventory.

74% made a purchase as a result of information culled from their smart phone.

76% made that purchase in store.

59% made the purchase from their PC.

35% made the purchase from their smart phone.

THOUGHT: The numbers just keep rolling in regarding how people behave with their smart phones.

As the user interfaces improve and with the integration of such technology as near field communication, mobile transactions will become effortless to the point that the mobile device will replaceĀ  the wallet. And good riddance to that.

Where we’re going is clear but how we take advantage of that is less so.

As this all shakes out–what works and what doesn’t–the people who will gain the edge will be those who are best able to put themselves in the shoes of their customers and target audiences to best understand how they are using their smart phones.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Eight of the top twenty searches at Google today were for information related to the release of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, crowding out the topic of most recent public fascination, the British royal wedding.

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