Social Media Dayparting

Social Media Dayparting

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60% of brand pages Facebook posts are published between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Posts published outside business hours saw a 20% increase in engagement.

Posts on Thursday or Friday saw an 18% increase in engagement compared to other days of the week.

THOUGHT: Dayparting–measuring messaging by the time of the day it is received–is an important metric to get your head around, if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

These data may or may not be applicable to your audiences on Facebook but fortunately, the tools to understand when your audiences are paying attention are at your disposal. Facebook’s analytics are getting better and if you couple that data with tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics and then measure response and pay attention to how people are responding, you’ll be able to hone your messages to elicit the responses you desire.

Message, measure, modulate, repeat. Message, measure, modulate, repeat.

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Thank you for Jeep Wranglers with the top down. Especially on days like today.