Killing Time On Mobile

How People Use Mobile Devices

How People Use Mobile Devices



42% of tablet owners use the device while “waiting for something.”

32% of eReader users do so.

And 59% of smart phone users do so.

THOUGHT: I’d love to see a breakdown of what “waiting for something” means in this context. It’s not hard to guess, though.

The tablet owners category is probably the most difficult to decipher. They could be waiting for their desktop computer to download video, they could be waiting for their significant other to get ready before a dinner date, they could be waiting for a commercial to end on TV. But they are likely using it in the living room or kitchen or boardroom but not out and about.

eReader owners will more likely be using their device in the bedroom or living room while someone else in their household is watching television. A surprisingly small percentage (11%) use it while commuting. eReader owners, if they’re using it while “waiting for something” will likely be waiting for someone else, such as their spouse, to get ready.

Unlike tablet and eReader owners, smart phone users are far more likely to be out of the home as they use their device while “waiting for something.” I’m willing to bet that a significant percentage of them are waiting for the line in a retail establishment such as a grocer or a restaurant.

And that’s the very definition of a captive audience; the only question is how to captivate them while they’re there?


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KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: People start searching for Memorial Day information in March and April with, predictably, search volume peaking at the end of May. Interestingly, the volume of searches for “Memorial Day” has slowly but steadily increased since 2004.

Women make up 56% of the search volume for “Memorial Day.” Practically no one (4%) who makes more than $50,000 in annual household income searches for “Memorial Day,” perhaps reflecting that the more wealthy you are, the less likely you are to have been effected by the holiday.

People are looking for Memorial Day poems, and quotes and coloring books for family activities. They search for the dates of the upcoming Memorial Day; they search for events, festivities, and parades. And, of course, they search for Memorial Day sales.


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