Fast Food Is What It Is: Mobile Behavior & Restaurants

Restaurant Marketing

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Equation Research

38% of consumers use their mobile devices for dining-related activities, like searching for a restaurant, reading or writing reviews, or making reservations.

67% of consumers use their computers for dining-related activities.

36% of consumers are very or somewhat likely to use their mobile device to access information on fast food restaurants

32% are very unlikely to do so.

64% were very or somewhat likely to use their mobile device for fine-dining information.

62% would use it to find information on a local restaurant.

54% would use it for a casual-dining restaurant.

48% would use it for a bar or pub.

THOUGHT: Fast food is what it is. And people know what it is. And where it is. There’s no real need to look it up.

Fine dining, casual dining, local restaurants, bars, and pubs, on the other hand, tend not to be national chain restaurants and therefore have much lower brand recognition. Or they’re more expensive and thus the investment is a greater risk.

Either way, more research is required to reassure potential diners they are making the right decision in choosing a place to eat. Or simple logistics dictate the need to look up info on a mobile device, such as directions.

Brands that don’t have national television ad campaigns to ensure the name recognition need to think through customers’ mobile needs, provide the content that satisfies those needs, and suffuse that content with persuasive messages and imagery while giving plenty of opportunities for people to share that content in their social networks in order to demonstrate the social validation that is increasingly needed to close the sale.


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