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Social Promotion: Social Media & College Admissions

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62% of admissions officers say students’ social media profiles have generally helped them get accepted.

38% say those profiles have hurt their chances.

THOUGHT: This topic is very much on my mind as I think about my nieces and nephews who are approaching high school and college graduation.

I often point out to the audiences I speak to that the generation following the Millennials (I’m calling them Generation V…for Virtual) is the first in history to have grown up with the notion that they have their own personal audiences. That’s got to fundamentally change how one behaves throughout one’s life.

I used to think that it would tend to encourage people to “play” to their audiences but now I’m not so sure. I don’t see a lot of evidence of that with my Millennial nieces and nephews.

I do not see them losing any sleep over the fact that so much of their lives is so public, that they share so much of themselves out in the open. They’re naturals at it because they have known not much else.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they are particularly cognizant of their networks watching them. I see very little empathy in their online behavior. (I don’t mean empathy in the sense of compassion so much as in the ability to put oneself in anther’s shoes).

Yet empathy is the essential skill they will need to make their online presence work for them and, increasingly, as a job skill in and of itself.


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