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Social Television

Social Television

Social Television: Mystery Science Theater 3000


20% of users said they are now watching more live TV to avoid plot and reality “spoilers” that may be revealed in real time on social networks.

62% of Twitter users said they talk on Twitter before the show airs.

69% do so afterwards.

47% do so during their show.

47% of Facebook users discuss their show on Faceboook before it airs.

68% do so after it has been broadcast.

24% do so during the broadcast.

THOUGHT: Do you know what TV shows your customers or target audiences watch?  Do you watch them yourself? Do you pay attention to the social media conversations about those shows?

Is there a way you could meaningfully participate in those conversations…as a brand?

Understanding your customers’ lifestyle attributes are is just as important as understanding their demographics and technographics.


MINNESOTA MONDAY: Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty‘s speech to the Faith & Freedom Coalition last Friday has, to date, accumulated 210 views on YouTube [WATCH.] The YouTube video for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann‘s speech to the same audience Friday has garnered 540 views [WATCH.]


Thank you for Humphrey Bogart!


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